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5 Best Cellulite Treatment Products - Do You Know How To Get Rid Of Dimply Skin?

Seeing as up to ninety percent of all females in the world will develop the skin condition cellulite at some point in their lives, it is no wonder that anti cellulite products are on the market in great abundance. Given the wide selection and types of anti cellulite products which are available it can be a difficult task to sort out what ones work and what ones don't.

1. Cellulite Vanishing lotions - Probably the most popular of the anti cellulite products are the varied creams, lotions and gels that promise to make cellulite problems vanish. Some of the topical creams work effectively, some are second-rate and some do not work at all. It's not the price that counts, a few of the cheaper brands like Nivea are known to work. The key factor in anti cellulite creams is the ingredients. Some examples of the popular ingredients are retinol, caffeine and the antioxidant termed DMAE. The only scientifically proven substance that eliminates cellulite is Retin-A but it is only available by a prescription from a health care provider.

2. Get Rid of Cellulite Using Shorts - One of the more recent additions to the anti cellulite products lineup are a variety of anti cellulite shorts. These shorts are manufactured from different types of materials however they are all tight fitting and entrap body heat. The shorts are intended to increase blood circulation to areas of your body which are affected by cellulite. Some of the shorts also induce a massaging action through friction from the rough textured materials. Many of these shorts are made to be worn under other garments and sometimes you may need to apply a skin cream over the skin before wearing the shorts. The shorts create pressure and heat over the cellulite affected areas and this helps to diminish the orange peel effect of the skin condition.

3. Machines to Remove Cellulite - There are several kinds of devices on the market that work to reduce cellulite deposits in a variety of ways. One type of these devices employ a high frequency electrical current to burn off the fat cells under the skin. The fat lumps disintegrate and reduces the size of the fat cells to ensure that the layer of fat becomes thinner. Heating this layer of the skin also causes the body to produce extra amounts of the protective skin protein collagen to replenish and strengthen the tissue fibres that support the skin while making it thicker. This would help to improve the skin health where the increase in the skin thickness and removal of fat deposit will smooth out the skin surface and reduces the cottage cheese appearance of cellulite.

4. Massage Cellulite Away at Home - Another popular type of device in the high quality anti cellulite products line is the hand held massage unit. These are small devices which apply a massaging action to break down fat cells underneath the skin and increase the blood circulation to the area in order to flush away and eliminate the accumulated fat cells and toxins. A few of these massage units even have a heating element to further metabolize any fatty deposits. Massage action in addition stimulates the body's lymphatic system to battle against fat cells.

5. Laser Cellulite Removal - The most modern technological breakthrough in cellulite treatment is laser massage and cooling. This method uses a mechanized form of suction massage combined with targeted cooling and laser stimulation to increase blood circulation and blood flow along with break down and removal of built up fats and fluids under the skin.

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