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Amazingly Attention Grabbing Yet Very Economical Fake Wedding Cake Designs

The notion of paying out $1000, or possibly $2000, on a beautifully decorated cake -- understanding full well that it may be wolfed before it can truly be fully cherished -- wouldn't sit well with most. Fortunately though, there's a way to easily prevent this rather substantial inconvenience and get your wedding cake's designs created precisely as you see fit, while avoiding costing a fortune either. Exactly how, you ask? Simple, with the use of a rented, fake wedding cake!

Before you should think that this is a bad idea and the quests can identify straightaway, you ought to understand the wedding cake will be 100% real in their eyes. Before anything else, it will never be plastic, and second, it WILL be cut during the ceremony for all to see. How are these 2 feats carried out without everybody finding out? Simple, real fondant icing is applied with the designs on the wedding cake and a single REAL section of cake (sheet cake regularly) is concealed in a secret compartment that only you and your husband (or wife) know about.

The entire time until the wedding cake is cut, your guests will be duped into believing it is 100% real, as it seems and even FEELS that way -- even if the truth is that its packed with cheap styrofoam. When the time comes, you & your partner will cut the cake as usual and not a single person will be the wiser because of the wedding cake held in the secret area. It'll then be taken off to be "cut & served" for your guests, as far they understand anyways. The real wedding cake for the quests will be very cost-reasonable, yet particularly delectable, sheet cake. The rented, fake wedding cake will probably be packed away and after that shipped back later on.

Think about what you could do with savings of $1500 or more by using a fake cake that has your desired wedding cakes themes. Your money could go toward that ultimate wedding dress, it very well could finance a considerable chunk of the food & drinks bill, it could help with the location rental, or it could even be utilized for honeymoon expenditure!

With this least expensive, trouble-free technique offered to you, it's not just silly to buy a custom cake with the best wedding cakes designs, it's downright crazy!

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