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Best Wrinkle Lotions VS Botox Treatment Injection - 3 Crucial Facts

Are you thinking of jumping on the botox cosmetic injection bandwagon? Well, before you take the leap, it is best that you take some time to learn about the stuff that botox pushers don't want you to realize. These things will not only encourage you that botox is a bad decision, but they'll also illustrate why using the best anti wrinkle cream is admittedly the most reliable option with regards to looking younger.

3 Reasons You need to use The Best Youth enhancing Cream and NOT Botox injections...

Reason 1: Arm & a Leg High priced VS Budget Friendly

Botox might not be "expensive" for some people, yet to anyone who is on a budget, it most surely is! If you're not a doctor, banker, acting professional, professional athlete, etc it's safe to say that acquiring regular botox injections is a bit out of your price range. What are the reasons? Because botox charges about $800-$1000 PER injection. Combine that bad news with the regrettable fact that you should have at least 2-3 botox injections annually, and you're viewing quite a large bill.

The best anti wrinkle facial ointment is extremely budget friendly, whether or not that cream costs a whopping $100 per bottle. A lot of anti wrinkle ointments and creams last for a couple of months and can be acquired for around $30-$170 dollars. Do the math on that and you'll easily be paying $500-$700 per year for wrinkle creme, if even that. Consequently, you can pay $700 total all year long for wrinkle cream OR you can pay $700 3 times during the year for botox treatments. As far as saving money goes, it's apparent who the winner is here.

Reason 2: Harmful VS Natural & Safe

Were you aware of the fact that botox users are being injected with a truly poisonous substance regarded as botulinum? No? Well to tell the truth, that really isn't all that shocking, as most botox users are not aware they are being injected with botulinum; a bacterial neurotoxin that could cause harm (or even death) to those whom are in contact with large amounts. Although regarded safe in small amounts and when administered under supervision, the long term effects of this compound on our system are still rather unknown.

The best anti wrinkle creams on the market comprise no poisons, no harmful ingredients, as well as not a trace of botulinum. Which means that, the best wrinkle creams will contain natural elements (a few will have man-made ones) known to reduce wrinkles, finelines, and the other symptoms of aging. The ingredients in a jar of anti wrinkle creme will no more hurt you than a bowl of mashed up bananas.

Reason 3: Ineffectual VS Potent

Of all the elements of facial rejuvenation, botox addresses one and ONLY one; motion wrinkles. A botox injection will plump up all the wrinkles on your face -- the ones attributable to facial movements -- but that is ALL it shall do. Botox won't help repair/remove finelines, exceedingly dry skin, age spots, skin discoloration, crows feet, scars, sun damage, or anything else. Besides that, regular botox injections may actually increase the risk for the skin (adjacent to the injection site) to get MORE wrinkled with time. Seriously, what intelligent person would wish to opt for an antiaging treatment that can cause MORE wrinkles to appear?

The best antiaging creme will address every aspect of facial rejuvenation. Meaning that it will help to clear away and/or repair crows feet, fine lines, scars, sun damage, age trouble spots, pigment discoloration, and every other symptom of aging that is destroying you. Also, traditional use of the best anti-aging cream will NOT produce more wrinkles to accumulate on your skin -- if anything, it will PREVENT wrinkles from appearing in the future!

As anyone with half a brain can openly see, botox injections is in NO WAY a reliable, cost-efficient anti aging treatment. That being said, stick with the best anti wrinkle cream; you'll be delighted you did!

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Best Wrinkle Lotions VS Botox Treatment Injection - 3 Crucial Facts
Well, before you take the leap, you ought to take some time to study about the stuff that botox pushers don't want you to discover. These things will not only persuade you that botox is a bad decision, but they'll also highlight why using the best anti wrinkle cream is really the...

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