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Domain Registration

Do you encounter a monstrous domain server down problems or perhaps has your domain email server failed?

Few people are willing to wait for their webhosting data centre to be back up and running but you might imagine in a different way with back-up servers ready and waiting.

If you wanted to instantly re-host you can restore you data backup and you can restore your site files. This is fine however now you have to switch the DNS server addresses away from your monstrous hosting provider onto your backup servers. Where is the administration screen for your DNS host settings - on your domain suppliers servers that are also down? You then find that you are locked into using the web servers that are down.

Never have a similar provider of hosting and domain registration. They are going to be on the same servers and once one server is not functioning your have no alternative options to move servers. Having the same supplier for your hosting and domain administration is a really awful choice since you loose your final re-hosting option to get your website up and running again.

You loose money while your domain is down and it is also loosing page rank as Google will see that the web site is down and your quality score will also be decreased.

It really doesn't matter if your site is hosted with any monstrous hosting company. What is advisory is that the hosting company should not also be giving the administration panel of your domain sign up. If you have domain administration and web hosting in the same then you'll have removed your ultimate fix to re-host and this may cost you hundreds of thousands of down time dollars.

It is best if you separate your e-mail server handling from your domain hosting to ensure that re-hosting and recovery from server down issues will causes little interruption to your business.

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