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How Much Could You Really Make As An Xbox Game Tester? - Here Is An Estimation

Numerous gamers are interested about the possibility of becoming a xbox game tester. They think it would actually be remarkable to test new games on their xbox 360's for lots of of cash. However, is it as cool as they think? Generally speaking, yes -- paid video game testing is really cool and it pays fairly well. How well does it actually pay? Take a look below and find out.

Let's face the facts, you would not start off at the top when you initially begin testing video games. So do not expect to live like a fat cat when you land those initial 2-3 xbox game tester jobs. They will be nice checks to cash when the work is completed, but you will not be able to buy that 10-bedroom mansion just yet.

The Real Annual Figures: A new video game tester could expect to make anywhere from $18,000 a year to $24,000 per year. With regular testing jobs and hard work, he can increase that amount to $60,000 per year and more. Of course, this all depends mostly on whether or not he sticks with the video game testing and continues to apply for jobs with developers of games. If he does not, well, he won't make squat.

The downside to the annual numbers given above is that the majority of testers don't work on a contractual pay -- they work on a job-by-job basis. This means as soon as they complete a game testing job, they get paid and move onto the next one; similar to a freelancer. Hence, let us break the video game tester salary into a hourly/weekly figure for a better look-see into what these video game testers actually make.

Figures Per Hour and Per Week: New testers tend to make ten dollars to twelve dollars per hour, depending on the company which hired them. If the tester has a lot more experience, he/she could get a large increase in salary to sixteen dollars to even eighteen dollars an hour. If the xbox video game tester is at the top of his/her game, she/he may get paid as much as thirty dollars or more per hour.

Let us take those numbers and carry out some quick calculations with the standard minimum of weekly work (thirty five to forty hours). Reminder: These estimates are assuming the game tester would get a new testing task on a weekly basis; which is, sadly, not usually the case for most.

New Video Game Testers

Ten dollars X forty hours is four hundred dollars.

$400 x 52 weeks in one year is $20,800.

Mid-Level Video Game Testers

$17 x 40 hours is $680

Six hundred eighty dollars X fifty two weeks is thirty five thousand three hundred sixty dollars

Expert Testers

Twenty five dollars X forty hours is $1000

One thousand dollars X fifty two weeks is fifty two thousand dollars

Ultimate Tester

Forty dollars X forty hours is one thousand six hundred dollars

One thousand six hundred dollars X fifty two weeks is $83,200

Do you see the possibility here? If you work you're way up the ladder and become a highly skilled, well-known tester of xbox games, you could earn practically one hundred thousand a year!

The best part with regards to the whole per job basis thing is that you can really double your hourly wages by just doing your task faster (IMPORTANT: You must not sacrifice quality for speed!). If you could cut what is meant to be a 1-week game testing job (normally 40 hours) into a half-week testing job (twenty hours), you would have doubled your hourly pay for that job!

So, what do you truly think? Is this pay good enough for you to get involved with professional game testing? Well, you had better make up your mind really fast -- since thousands of other testers have already made their choice and they are presently working to become "ultimate" xbox video game testers! Remember, if you do not act now, someone else will!

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