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Secrets Of Great Patchwork Quilts - My 3 Great Tips

If you are looking for some type of exciting hobby which improves your creative skills, then quilting may just be the right activity for you. Though it is quite easy, you would need a lot of patience and effort. If you're a beginner, there's no need to fret over the success of your first try. Read these top three tips on how to make a patchwork quilt to help you get the job done right

Tip 1: Don't Expect Perfection, You Won't Get It

The most important thing that you have to remember is that your first job might not turn out to be perfect as you are just a beginner. So don't think that you can do everything perfectly on your first attempt. Your existing quilting skills and talents may be demonstrated through the work. The pattern and the quilting design may reflect your creative skills and personality and the fabrics that you choose also matters a lot. Do not get depressed by the mistakes you make. It is a part of the learning process, so appreciate it and upgrade your skills progressively. Most beginners get discouraged early on if the outcome is not up to their expectation. You just need to have patience and have fun with the learning process

Tip 2: Don't Attempt Tricky Patterns Too Early

Strangely, one of the many reasons that draw people to the hobby of quilting is when they see a lovely pattern somewhere. You might have similarly observed a beautiful quilt and you wish to make it now. But you should understand that making an attractive quilt with beautiful intrinsic patterns takes years of experience and the highest level of skills. Thus, remember to select something simple at first. Select simple patterns such as those with squares that could be strip pieced much like a Log Cabin.

Tip 3: Select the Right Type of Fabric

When studying how to make a great patchwork quilt, you also have to avoid purchasing very costly fabric which you may actually not want to cut later on because it just looks too pretty. As you are liable to make errors on your first attempt, cutting costly fabric material could make you feel very uneasy. So, buy inexpensive fabric materials in the beginning stages. You can opt for costly ones when you have acquired enough experience and knowledge in quilting.

Learn more about patchwork quilting, and amateur quilting tips, by going to right now.

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