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The Normal Triggers For Sleep Loss - Why You Are Having Trouble Sleeping

Insomnia, or lack of sleep, is one of the most prevalent health conditions tormenting people in large number today. While job related stress and poor eating habits are some causes of insomnia, there are many other factors as well which cause this problem. If the cause of this problem is not tracked at the earliest and eliminated, it can cause complications such as hallucination and depression.

The extremely competitive work environment is one of the primary causes of insomnia. With employers expecting maximum output from their staff to reach their targets, employees are stretching themselves thin to fulfill the expectations. This coupled with the expectations of parents, partners and children is bound to give a person sleepless nights. The only way to overcome this problem is adopting suitable measures to relieve stress. A couple of minutes of meditation just before you sleep will relieve you of stress and help you sleep fitfully.

Insomnia can also be a common occurrence in those who drink excessive amounts of coffee. This beverage contains high levels of caffeine which stimulates the activity of the brain. Any person trying to overcome the problem of sleeplessness should stay away from coffee at least during the evening time so that they get good restful sleep at night.

Deficit of sleep can also be attributed to unhealthy diet. While anorexic individuals prefer to go to bed hungry, bulimic people gorge on rich and fattening food until late at night. Anorexia and bulimia have a negative impact on sleep and need to be overcome by seeking advice from your health care provider or diet specialist. Chalk out a well balanced diet and adhere to it if you want to avoid restless nights.

One of the worst things that you can do to encourage sleep problems is excessive cigarette smoking. The heart beat and pulse rate of the person increases as the nicotine content in the blood increases, making him feel restless. Fatigue takes a backseat as the blood flow to the brain increases. This results in sleeplessness which manifests itself as irritable behavior.

Lack of exercises and a desk bound lifestyle also encourage insomnia. Physical activity causes fatigue and tiredness, causing your body crave for rest. Even if you do not go to a gymnasium regularly or workout for hours on end, you still can get a restful sleep at night by just taking a small 15 minute walk before bedtime. This will not just relax the muscles of the body, but also enhance the blood flow, therefore aiding in better sleep. It is important to exercise every day and stop being a couch potato if you want to enjoy sound sleep at night. A quick ten minute walk before hitting the bed will also be adequate. This relaxes the muscles of the body, promotes blood circulation and also helps to ease stress.

Added to these, there are other common causes of insomnia and sleep problems such as drug abuse, too much alcohol consumption and poor sleeping habits. It is important to take charge and recognize the cause of insomnia at the earliest to prevent falling prey to other health ailments.

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